13 January 2021

Radiatori 2000 spa, controlled by FECS Group, joined the Project Alluminium HPG 23

The company controlled by the FECS Group, Radiatori 2000 SpA, based in Ciserano (BG), in order to monitor the exposure to aluminum of the working population in the metallurgical industry, in 2019, joined the Project ” Aluminum HPG 23 ”promoted by Confindustria Bergamo in collaboration with the University of Brescia.

25 employees, chosen from the die casting department and the furnace department (compartments in close contact with molten aluminum) who underwent both the lung capacity measurement carried out at the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo and biological monitoring personnel in order to check for any traces of aluminum in the body.

The results of the sampling, also shared with the Doctor Competent, they showed no concern and led to good results for all affected workers. To achieve a more in-depth picture of the situation, this year the Company decided to complete the monitoring of its employees by carrying out further investigations both through personal samples and the work environment, focusing on the departments not affected by the “Aluminum HPG 23 “.

Also in this case, the results always shared with the Competent Doctor, gave a favorable result, describing an overall positive picture. The health of our employees and the protection of their safety in the workplace are our priorities. Radiatori 2000 spa will continue, also during 2020, to adhere to projects that can constantly observe those who work with us.