Energy Saving

"Metal scraps are not a cost, but a great resource to preserve our planet"

Environmental protection and sustainable development are the core value of our business.

The FECS Group, since its foundation, has set the goal of doing business in a sustainable way recovering aluminum from metal scraps, thus preserving natural and energy resources and reducing the total waste volume on Earth.


Our core business has always been based on aluminium

Versatile metal widely used in the modern industry (68% transport, 10% construction, 6% durable goods, 8% mechanical and 8% electromechanical) (Source: Assomet, 2014)

Aluminum can be recycled an indefinite number of times without ever losing its essential characteristics and, for Italy, poor of raw materials, the decision to recycle and recover this metal was fundamental for the maintenance and development of most of industrial sectors.

The FECS Group produces SECONDARY ALUMINUM: re-valued from metal scraps and not extracted from the Bauxite mineral.

The totality of aluminum produced in Italy comes from recycling and, with great pride, we can affirm that our country hold the first place in Europe with over 927,000 tons of recycled scraps, of which, about 12% comes from our industrial reality.