Raw materials


The Business Unit Metal is in charge of managing and coordinating the entire raw material re-use flow and manages and coordinates the production and marketing of secondary aluminium ingots.

A single organizational machine that, thanks to a verticalized cycle, retrieves, processes and markets metal scraps in accordance with the UNI standard, reusing the aluminium internally recovered for the production of its semi-finished products.

The beginning of the supply chain is in charge of the parent company STEMIN SPA, a leading company in the metal sector that represents one of the few industrial companies at the EUROPEAN level that includes all the technologies for the crushing and separation of materials within the same production site with eddy current linear motors and X-ray flotation operations.

Thanks to the latest generation of optical and spectrographic technologies, all ferrous and non-ferrous materials are subjected to strict quality controls before they are marketed, certifying their % composition.

All the recycled metals replace the mineral allowing the complete recovery of metal waste with respecting the environment.

Instead, ingots are produced in 4 different production sites Stemin41 and Francesca54 (Bergamo), Alluminio Italia (Avellino) and AS METAL COM in Romania.

Fecs Group produces aluminium ingots both from fusion and refining of previously redeveloped aluminium scraps and from aluminium chips thanks to an innovative plant patented at European level.

All the semi-finished products produced by the Group are controlled, certified and marketed on a national and international basis, also thanks to the Fecs trademark registered on the commodity stock exchanges in London and in New York.

The complete integration of the supply chain through the unification of the coordination, management and the definition of strategies in terms of product and purchases/sales results in the enhancement of the synergies deriving from the twenty-year knowledge within the sector in order to quickly satisfy customer needs by consolidating long lasting relationships partnerships.

Via G. Marconi, 67
24040 Comun Nuovo (BG) – Italy
Tel.: +39 035 45.49.04
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E-mail: info@stemin.it 

Local Unit: Via Kennedy, 4/A
24040 Ciserano (BG)
Tel.: +39 035 4820699

Zona Industriale, C/da Fiorentine
83051 Nusco (AV)

Tel. 379 1641069
E-mail: info.alluminioitaliasrl@gmail.com

Soseaua Berceni, nr 104G
Sector 4, Bucuresti, Romania.
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E-mail: info@asmetal.ro