The Fecs Group expands and creates, in February 2020, a new reality dedicated to the research and development of innovative solutions as part of its metallurgical and energy core business.

FECS TECHNOLOGY srl is a company of the Fecs Group focused on research and analysis of issues strongly focused on environmental sustainability and metallurgy with the aim of developing and coordinating efficiency and optimization activities of its internal processes and, transversally, to treasure of the skills acquired in the first 20 years of activity by innovating and coordinating future strategic choices in the best possible way.

“The time has come to bring together the knowledge and skills gained in our plants and to use our excellence transversally, focusing on organic growth and projected towards process and product innovation”.

For the Group, Fecs Technology represents its own research pole for the improvement of internal activities and the study and implementation of new projects with the aim of carrying patents, innovations and knowledge beyond the company that the Fecs Group has strongly consolidated over the years.


  • Research and development on metallurgical issues and circular economy
  • Efficiency of production plants
  • New product development
  • Experimental activity and evaluation studies
  • Funded research
  • Internal and external training
  • Institutional collaborations and networking


  • Metallurgy
  • Mechanics
  • Environment
  • Energy



FECS Technology Srl

Via Sandro Pertini 9 24040 – Comun Nuovo (BG)

C.F. 04432010165